Curtains & Sheers

Pinch Pleat Curtain

The pinch pleat curtain is a classic aesthetic that can complement any decor or type of home. Pinch pleat curtains mimics informal living rooms and dining rooms because they are tidy and fitted. Curtains are often fashioned with a double pinch pleat but can also be produced with a triple pinch pleat. Pinch pleat curtains have a very fitted look since each pleat is stitched in and will last for years. In addition, pinch pleats benefit from stacking back to a compact size when the curtains are opened.

Eyelet Curtain

The header of this sort of curtain panel has broad rings or eyelets. The eyelet is frequently embellished with a beautiful silver or gold grommet every few inches, giving the board a clean, basic appearance.

Eyelet curtains add a trendy, modern touch to any space where they are installed. The grommets allow the curtain to glide almost smoothly along the rod, making it quick and easy to open and close the curtains. Eyelet curtains hang elegantly, whether open or closed. They come in a range of materials ranging from thin and sheer to thick and block out.

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S Fold Curtain

S Fold Curtains (S Wave Curtains) is a type of curtain that resembles a wave or a long 'S' pattern that extends the whole length of the covered window. Wave curtains are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to complement both modern and classic settings. Because of its slender curtain rod, an S wave curtain is excellent if you have a tall window or little space between your window and the ceiling. Another advantage to this category of curtain is that it will make your room appear bigger.

Rod Pocket Curtain

Rod pocket curtains, also known as pole top or casement curtains, are a timeless and sophisticated way to hang draperies. The rod can slip through an invisible casing sewed into the back of the curtain panel at the top. To secure the curtain to the rod, no hardware is necessary. When the curtain is closed, a tiny bit of the rod will be visible at either end.


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