Venetian Blind

Venetian blind has excellent thermal insulation properties, it can resist the erosion from severe cold and high-temperature heat waves. In addition, we can adjust the light by adjusting the angle of the curtain blades to make the indoor space more comfortable. As a result, the blinds basically do not appear to be discoloured. They also have a particular effect of blocking ultraviolet rays, preventing indoor furniture from fading due to ultraviolet rays.​ Venetian blinds include timber venetian blinds and aluminum venetian blinds, among which aluminum venetian blinds are more widely used in office.

Vertical Blind

Vertical blind has basically the same advantages as Venetian blind. Still, it is more suitable for a large window or patio sliding door.

Roller Blind

Roller blinds have sleek, uncomplicated lines that lie flat against the wall or window they are put on. The blinds are operated by hardware that is intrinsically safe and does not endanger children or pets. Roller blinds open and close simply and last a long time due to their simple, high-quality construction. Roller blinds play a good role in blocking ultraviolet rays and protecting privacy. In addition, roller blinds are very friendly to families on a budget.​ Roller blinds are divided into four categories: sheer blinds, screen blinds, filtering blinds, and blockout blinds. Each roller blind has a variety of patterns for you to choose from. The light transmittance of screen blinds has three choices: 3%, 5% and 10%. The remaining three types of roller blinds are divided into transparent and basic semi-transparent.